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Donovan Strategies LLC provides government relations and business development services by effectively harnessing relationships formed over 25 years to assist with your particular needs. And this work is always managed and directed by Joe Donovan, the firm’s principal.

Key Sectors

Defense & Defense Manufacturing

Joe has worked closely with companies and organizations directly tied to the Massachusetts and New England defense and manufacturing sector including those in high technology, maritime and marine sciences, aerospace and next generation aviation, energy, small business R&D, health care and veterans’ services.

Research Institutions & Colleges

Massachusetts and New England are a hotbed for higher education and research institutions. Joe has been able to assist and partner with the region’s institutions to pursue state funding in Massachusetts and at the federal level. His relationships in Massachusetts and New England combined with those in Congress have been helpful to institutions seeking support for their initiatives and plans.


The continued growth and transformation of the energy sector, especially towards renewable energy, has created numerous opportunities for companies and organizations to take advantage of new funding resources. Joe is able to identify state and federal resources for these companies and organizations, in addition to creating political and industry relationships that can be used to grow the business or organization.

Life Sciences

The innovation ecosystem in Massachusetts and New England has created a robust biotechnology and life sciences business climate, but many of these organizations seek ways to tap into the state and federal resources that can help their business grow. Joe is able to tap into resources at the local, state and federal level for the benefit of these clients. He’s also able to leverage his political relationships to address issues such as tax and trade, workforce and manufacturing needs.

Our Services

Government Relations

Grants & Incentives

Business Development

About Joe & The Firm

Donovan Strategies LLC is a lobbying and business development firm that provides services in federal government relations as well as state government relations in Massachusetts. The firm offers guidance and execution for grants and incentives, as well as business development support in key market sectors.

“Investing in government relations and business development has a measurable return on investment. These results include new and improved relationships with public sector officials and key stakeholders, new funding and business opportunities just right for your organization, and the ability to lower risks if and when your organization is engaged with the public sector.”

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